Join us at APA’s 37th Annual Congress

Long Beach

Long Beach Convention Center



May 15-17


This year's Congress is the must-attend event for all payroll professionals. Stop by booth #342 to learn what payroll means for your business and the transformation of how employees are paid.

Join us for one of our 20-minute presentations on how Dayforce helps drive payroll efficiency and enables your organization to manage risk, track compliance and manage costs in a single solution.

For many organizations, employees are their greatest asset - and their greatest expense. This puts a heavy burden on payroll to ensure employees of the financial stability of your organization by paying them accurately and in a timely manner. Payroll is also charged with protecting your organization’s bottom line by staying in compliance with various laws. Payroll is an integral part of all organizations, and impacts the reputation of your company right down to the morale of your employees.

Payroll enables your business

Paying employees properly is the first step in keeping them engaged and satisfied. A payroll system that brings time and pay in a single application makes it easier for administrators to pay employees accurately and on time. By bringing together time and payroll information, administrators are empowered to work on payroll throughout the pay period, on their own time. 

A modern payroll system that transforms how employees are paid

Schedule an on-site meeting to learn how Dayforce provide organizations with a modern payroll solution that drives efficiency and helps to manage risk, track compliance and manage costs in a single solution. Dayforce can help change payroll from just a processing function to one that transforms the employee experience, including how and when employees are paid.

Talk to payroll experts

APA Congress Exclusive: Be the first to access to the inaugural Pay Experience Report

Did you know that only about 40% of employees get pay reviews once a year or more? 

This is just one of many facts revealed in this research report which
explores how employees feel about how they are paid including:

Advance copy only for APA Congress attendees.
If you’re interested in gaining early access to this research, visit our booth.

How their employers communicate pay

Satisfaction with their compensation

Transparency around pay standards

Learn how payroll can enable the rest of your business

Book an appointment for an onsite meeting at the APA Annual Congress to experience Dayforce for yourself and get a $10 gift card.*

*One per person. Limited quantities available.

See how Dayforce helped the Houston Texans manage multi-jurisdictional taxation for their employees who travel and work in multiple states.

Houston Texans

Watch this video to learn how the American Diabetes Association moved from a cumbersome system to single application to streamline compliance.

American Diabetes Association

See how our customers are consistently seeing a positive return on investment, gaining efficiencies and improving processes to ultimately make work life better for their employees. 

Learn from our customers

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