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Transform your workforce for the new pace of finance

Modernize your people, processes, and culture
to move faster than the competition

The rise of fintech has disrupted the financial services sector, increasing competition and raising client expectations. To keep pace with change, companies need to transform their workforce for the future with tools to attract and retain talent, minimize compliance risk, and pivot employees’ skills toward delivering personalized client experiences.

Advanced technologies are helping finance organizations work smarter and move faster – and the same goes for your people. Build a future-ready workforce with a technology platform that helps you identify tomorrow’s in-demand skills, train your team, and align career development to business outcomes.

Close talent gaps by investing in your people

Today’s financial services workforce is more mobile than ever, while employment and tax laws and regulations grow increasingly complex. Protect your bottom line with the help of cloud automation software that can be configured to improve pay accuracy and reduce compliance risk across payroll, time, and HR.

Improve pay accuracy and reduce risk

Finance companies are competing for candidates with leading brands across every industry. Attract tech-savvy employees with a forward-thinking culture, and empower them to manage their tasks, records, and career development with self-service tools that match their lifestyle.

Attract and engage top talent

Dayforce can help you compete in a digital world

Industry disruption is putting pressure on financial services organizations to evolve how they operate and meet clients’ needs. Dayforce can help your company work more efficiently and improve service with tools for attracting, retaining, and reskilling talent, managing compliance, and driving employee engagement.

Improve compensation accuracy for your mobile workforce, even across multiple tax jurisdictions.

Reward compensation accurately

Ease the burden of regulatory change with tools that can be configured to reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Navigate changing regulations

Align all employees through a single solution to provide a consistent, high-quality client experience.

Optimize efficiency with a modern platform

Proactively target the right candidates

Streamline your hiring process with talent sourcing tools that help you identify and focus on quality candidates.

Train and reskill employees with adaptable tools that support personalized, social, and microlearning.

Support continuous development

Modernize work life for your people

Empower employees with self-service tools to collaborate, manage work-life balance, and help improve financial wellness.

Self Service

- Accenture

78% of financial services executives agree that organizations are under extreme competitive pressure to extend innovation into their workforce and corporate structure.

Trusted by over 3.1 million users worldwide

Kern Health Systems
El Rio
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

See how Dayforce helped this insurance company streamline workflows to improve the employee change request process, and reduce compliance risk. 

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island gains efficiency

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Learn how this Minnesota-based cooperative gives 9,000 employees – and their families – a better benefits experience with Dayforce.

Farm Credit Foundations embraces the benefits of Dayforce

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