Improve patient care through a better employee experience

Modernize your people management systems to drive efficiency, boost engagement, and foster continuous care.

Healthcare organizations are facing a dilemma: a significant portion of the workforce is aging toward retirement at the exact same time patients need the most care. Investing in modern technology and adopting a forward-thinking approach to your workforce will help you attract, train, and retain the right people – and build a culture based on delivering the best care.

Keep pace with rising patient demand while fostering continuity of care. Efficiently find and hire top talent and provide an optimal, engaging experience throughout the employee lifecycle. Empower employees with self-service tools, and motivate them with ongoing development to promote retention.

Attract and retain talent to meet patient demand

Invest in your people to prepare them – and your organization – for the future. Address the skills gap caused by an aging workforce and technology disruption through ongoing learning. Identify the right talent for succession planning to narrow the skills gap and develop the next generation of leaders.

Develop your people for better patient care

Reduce administrative work by simplifying scheduling, pay, and compliance in one system. Navigate complex regulations and policies to plan labor more efficiently, improve accuracy, mitigate compliance risk, and manage people costs. Free up time to spend with patients to drive continuity of care.

Simplify your workforce processes

Dayforce helps healthcare organizations adapt to the future of work – and patient care

Providing consistent, high-quality patient care is more challenging than ever. Dayforce helps make scheduling, payroll, and compliance easier, freeing up time to focus on patients. With Dayforce, you have the tools to attract the right people, keep them engaged, and train them for the future.

Dayforce can help you manage compliance with changing regulations in areas such as payroll and scheduling.

Navigating changing regulations

Build schedules that match staff to demand to reduce burnout, control labor costs, and improve patient outcomes.

Optimize schedules to prevent burnout

Simplify the hiring process to attract quality candidates and increase new hires’ engagement through onboarding.

Improve talent acquistion and onboarding

Make real-time informed decisions

Understand workforce performance through insights based on accurate data stored in a single source.

Automate HR tasks and processes to give frontline healthcare providers more time to focus on patient care.

Reduce time spent on HR tasks

Create a great employee experience

Provide a better work experience with personalized learning and mobile tools for managing schedules and time off.

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It's like night and day. The amount of redundant processes that were eliminated and time saved is truly amazing.

- Senior HRIS Manager, ATI Physical Therapy 

Trusted by over 3.1 million users worldwide

See how Dayforce helped this physical therapy provider attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive industry.

ATI Physical Therapy strengthens team growth

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Learn how this not-for-profit organization's move to Dayforce helped its team simplify payroll and gain insight into their workforce.

American Diabetes Association champions change

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