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January 22-23


Join us to learn how Ceridian can empower and enable HR leaders to achieve their talent goals and strategic vision. 

Power up your employee experience

As the workplace continues to change, a greater focus on the employee experience is crucial to HR’s success in creating a healthy workplace. Dayforce can help you focus your efforts on hiring the right people and have a seamless transition from candidate to employee and beyond.

Envision top talent

The skills and competencies needed for organizations to be successful today and in the future is fueling a growing need to re-train or up-skill your workforce. See how Dayforce can help you unite your employees around organizational goals and support your people’s development with continuous learning.

Envision employee development

Today's workforce is made up of multiple generations, each with all will different needs and expectations. This can put organizations under greater pressure to ensure fairness in areas such as performance and compensation to maintain employee engagement and prevent turnover. Let us show you how Dayforce can help you make more meaningful decisions about your workforce by using data and insights to fairly reward, incent and retain your top talent. 

Envision employee retention

Learn how Ceridian can empower and enable HR leaders to achieve their strategic vision.

Schedule an on-site meeting and experience the power of HCM in a single solution.

Watch these videos and learn how our customers are achieving their vision by linking people and culture to business performance.

See how our customers create better workplaces with Dayforce

See how Bargain Hunt uses the Dayforce platform as a one-stop shop for managing their entire employee lifecycle.  

American Diabetes Association

Bargain Hunt finds extreme value in a single system

Watch this video to learn how Dayforce helped Sunshine Village to streamline their onboarding and workforce management process.

Sunshine Village carves out time for talent

See how Dayforce enabled Oliver & Bonacini to better manage its staff, make smarter business decisions, and re-focus on the main course.

Oliver & Bonacini's appetite for success

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