Webinar series

Staying ahead in 2021:
Maintaining compliance, managing risk, and embracing your changing workforce

Episode 2: Your workforce in 2021 - Managing health and safety,
new ways of working, and regulatory change

Crisis and disruption teach us valuable lessons and influence what we prioritize in a constantly changing world. As the pandemic continues to change the needs of the workplace, it’s also changing the needs of workers. In this webinar we’ll draw upon findings from Ceridian’s 2021 Pulse of Talent Survey, conducted in partnership with Nielsen, and explore the following topics:

  • HR challenges companies may face in 2021
  • How companies are preparing to ensure the continued health and safety of their workforce
  • How workforce models are evolving to respond to new workplace realities
  • Strategies and considerations to better adapt to changing labor and pay requirements

Alan House

Cindy Yi

Rachel Disselkamp

VP, HR and People Experience Leader

VP, HR Business Partners - Americas

Senior Manager, Go To Market

Episode 1: Staying ahead in 2021’s

compliance and regulatory landscape

While no year is without regulatory change, the emergency nature of 2020’s changes commanded focus, often requiring swift action amid uncertainty. But this year, thanks to what we’ve learned, maintaining compliance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In this webinar we’ll bring HR, technology, and legal consulting leaders together to discuss how employers can stay ready for what’s next, and explore the following topics:

  • Compliance and regulatory trends, questions, and concepts that should be top-of-mind for employers in 2021
  • How technology can better enable your organization’s compliance management practice
  • Compliance and regulatory change management strategies and considerations for reducing risk

Jason Gurgal

Global Head of Solution AdvisoryCeridian

Kim Colbert

Global Head of Employee RelationsCeridian

Steve Kurtz

Director of Strategy & Advisory Services Sability

Stuart Ducoffe

HR and Employment Lawyer and founder of e2r®

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