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Employee experience: Transforming people strategies and creating value in today’s workplace

Episode 3

The future of pay: How payroll can drive employee engagement in the new world of work

Business disruptions over the last 18 months uncovered inefficiencies, challenges, and risks tied to how organizations manage their payroll.

Join this webinar to learn how:

  • Existing and emerging payroll delivery models that deliver earned wages on demand
  • Payroll data can help inform broader EX strategies
  • The role of payroll professionals is evolving as a more strategic business function

Let’s explore the future of pay, including data-driven compensation, equity considerations, and payroll delivery models that drive long-term engagement and well-being for today’s workers. In the new world of work, your payroll function and delivery are strategic drivers for a better employee experience.

Nic Allums

Karyn Dobbins

Seth Ross


Director, Client SolutionsCeridian

General Manager, Dayforce WalletCeridian

Episode 1

Using data to craft an employee-centric experience

There’s a new imperative for employee experience, and it’s tied to using data to actively design holistic, meaningful experiences for your people. HR leaders are critical to bringing in and developing the right skills, and using people data to help drive business value.

The best way to accomplish these goals is to create a framework for your employee experience that uses data and experience design concepts. While that may seem overwhelming, the truth is that there are a few key insights that can help you to craft a high-impact employee experience that drives real results. 

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Drive a better employee experience in 2021 and beyond
  • Use data and insights to improve people strategies
  • Create experiences like other world-class organizations

Ben Eubanks

Cindy Yi

Dave Millner

Chief Research Officer
Lighthouse Research & Advisory

VP HR Business Partners, AmericasCeridian

Author, Founder and
Consulting Partner

Episode 2

Research: 2,000 leaders on their employee experience priorities today

Join us as we discuss the results of our 2021 executive survey, in which leaders share their perspective on digital transformation, employee health and well-being, and changing workforce structures.

In this webinar learn how: 

  • Technology supported agility and digital transformation over the last year
  • Leaders are investing in EX in 2021 and beyond
  • Leading companies design experiences for employee growth and well-being

Hear from 2,000 leaders on how they’re managing change and how they’re investing in their workforces and digital transformation.

Alexandra Levit

Human Capital Author and Futurist

Heidé Botha

Head of Business ProcessThe Foschini Group

Shahara Byford

VP of Human ResourcesPower Construction

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