The human side of omnichannel

Retail future of work: 

The omnichannel associate

Learn about the pivotal role retail associates will play in shaping the omnichannel experience, as shifting consumer behaviors change the game. Gain actionable insights on how workforce technology can help you harness associates' true power to create value and influence the bottom line.

Profitability, store operations, and the associate experience

Visionworks’ Robert Allison shares how a harmonized approach to retail operations and associate experience drives long-term value for their business. Learn how they blend strategy and technology to make informed decisions, from optimizing labor spend and scheduling through to improving employee and customer experiences.

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Exploring the in-store technology of the future

Retail Refined podcast host Melissa Gonzalez speaks with John Orr, Ceridian’s SVP Retail, about retailers’ challenges from before the pandemic through to today. They explore how modernizing tech stacks, consolidating systems, and leveraging predictive models can help retailers with compliance, workforce management, and the overall associate experience.

See the value of a harmonized human capital management experience

Retail leaders dive into how investing in workforce technology drives real, measurable value for their organizations, and helps them create great experiences to engage and retain associates.

Outsmarting change: 

How retail winners succeed 

in disruptive times

We partnered with Retail Systems Research (RSR) to conduct a survey of more than 100 retail executives from around the world to better understand how retail organizations successfully navigate uncertainty. The report outlines the definition and specific characteristics of “retail winners,” and how these leaders are investing in workforce management (WFM) technology to overcome the barriers many companies face to implementing change.

Beauty advisors are now able to cover all worlds. It’s easier to schedule, and our beauty advisors also feel more empowered to provide the best client service because they know all of the worlds.

Director of Retail Labor Planning, Sephora USA

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