Time & Attendance

Managed Payroll

Automated employee time tracking means fewer costly mistakes from manual data entry, as well as streamlined time sheets and simplified pay calculations.

Let Ceridian’s experts manage your client’s payroll and ensure their employees are paid accurately and on time while staying compliant with CRA regulations.


Not up to speed on all the latest rules and regulations? Let Powerpay help. With integrated compliance rules for all provincial and federal regulations, Powerpay helps you maintain compliance without the added effort. 


Want to close out the books faster? Powerpay integrates into leading accounting software to automatically update payroll information. This reduces the effort to sync data and time to process year end.

What you can do with Ceridian’s Powerpay Small Business payroll solution

Save time by automating manual payroll processes. Powerpay helps ensure your clients are paid accurately and on time.

When it comes to managing payroll, look no further. We’ve got it covered.

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