Oct. 4-7, 2021  |  MGM Grand Resort

Get inspired



  • Discover top trends from industry experts
  • Learn where the future of work is headed
  • See the latest Dayforce innovations in action
  • Build your network and connect with other leaders 
  • Get face time with Ceridian executives  
  • Establish partnerships to take your business further
  • Acquire skills to be more agile, efficient, and resilient 
  • Take exclusive classes to master the Dayforce platform
  • Learn how to maximize your technology investment

Agenda highlights

Monday, Oct. 4

Before the Ceridian World Tour officially kicks off, we’ll be holding Dayforce FIT, a training session exclusively for Dayforce administrators. Learn more about Dayforce FIT here.

Tuesday, Oct. 5

Join Ceridian’s Chair and CEO, David Ossip, for an engaging opening keynote: 

  • Explore current and future trends that are shaping our new world of work 
  • Hear from top global business leaders who are leaning into change and creating value in a borderless, fluid, always-on workplace

Dayforce FIT also continues on Tuesday.  There will be an exclusive experience for prospective customers.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Join the innovation keynote to hear Ceridian’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Joe Korngiebel: 

  • Discover how the latest Dayforce innovations are powering a more intelligent approach to human capital management
  • Explore the intelligent technologies that are driving the future of pay, HR, talent, and workforce management
  • Hear from special guest speakers, to be announced soon

This day will also feature in-depth breakout sessions on key topics to set you up for success in the new world of work. Topics will include:  

  • Managing, paying, and inspiring a global workforce in a borderless world
  • How modern technology is changing the world of pay  
  • Hire faster and hire better with advancements in talent management
  • Build culture and collaboration in a hybrid workplace 
  • Manage compliance complexity as your business expands to new geographies  
  • Strategies to become a diversity and inclusion leader  
  • Overcome the “great resignation” and retain your top people in a competitive market

We’ll also have exciting speakers, to be announced soon.

Thursday, Oct. 7

A special day just for Dayforce customers. Join us for: 

  • An exclusive deep-dive into our product roadmap 
  • Hear from other customers on how they got the most out of Dayforce 
  • Listen to an inspiring keynote speaker, to be announced soon


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