What is the Ceridian World Tour?

The Ceridian World Tour is a series of in-person and virtual events with live-streamed components, designed to help organizations around the globe transform their operations and prepare for the borderless, skills-based, fluid, and always-on workplace of the future.   

What are the dates and locations for the Ceridian World Tour live events?

The Ceridian World Tour is a five-event series, with a kickoff date in Las Vegas on 4-7 October, 2021 at the MGM Grand. The next live event will be in New York City at the Conrad New York Downtown from 10-11 November, 2021, followed by London on 30 November, 2021 at the Corinthia London, with Singapore and Melbourne dates to be announced for 2022. The events will have live and virtual programming to make it accessible to everyone.

When should I plan to arrive for the London Ceridian World Tour?

Attendees should plan to arrive Tuesday, 30 November and can plan for their departure after the closing evening reception, which will take place from 17:30 - 20:00 GMT.

The prospective customer program kicks off Tuesday, 30 November at 9:00 GMT and concludes at 10:30 GMT. Prospective customers are more then welcome to stay and attend all day on Tuesday, 30 November.

What will the virtual component of the Ceridian World Tour look like?  

The virtual component will include some live-streamed and on-demand sessions, as well as a resource hub and video interviews. Click here to learn more about the virtual experience. 

Will there be a cost to attend the live events?  

Yes, please see the pricing breakdown below in GBP: 


Ceridian World Tour pass


Will there be a cost to attend the virtual component of the live events?  

There is no cost to attend the virtual component. 

How is Ceridian addressing health and safety at the Ceridian World Tour?

Our safe event protocols will be posted shortly.

Will the Ceridian World Tour live events have large audiences?

The live events will have limited availability, creating intimate, engaging experiences with attendee safety in mind.

What will happen to the INSIGHTS conference moving forward?

Engaging our stakeholders through world-class events will continue to be a crucial part of our DNA. The Ceridian World Tour is an important step for us as a future-focused market leader, and for 2021, we will be holding World Tour and will not be holding INSIGHTS. Moving to this multi-city world tour format, with virtual and in-person content, will allow us to reach a truly global audience with localised content, and execute in a way that makes it accessible for everyone, whether they’re able to travel or not.

Will my INSIGHTS 2021 pass be valid for Ceridian World Tour events?

INSIGHTS passes will not be valid for Ceridian World Tour events. Ceridian will transfer all paid INSIGHTS passes to 2022 or refund them as requested. If you have more questions please feel free to reach out to insightsconference@ceridian.com.

Will there be an opportunity to sponsor the Ceridian World Tour live events?  

Yes. We’re excited to include partners at the Ceridian World Tour. Sponsorship opportunities are limited and will be available on an invite-only basis. The Partnership team will reach out in the coming weeks with additional information. 

What if I have more questions?  

Please refer to ceridian.com/worldtour or email ceridianworldtour@ceridian.com.  

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