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Andy Ratcliffe

Global Head of People Shared Services, Costa Coffee

Christine Armstrong

Andrea Castellari

Researcher, future of work

Payroll Consulting Specialist, Senior Manager, PwC

Elaine Robertson

Head of Human Resources,
Europa Worldwide

Matthew Haywood

Head of Operational Productivity, Moto Hospitality

Sven Elbert

Analyst,Fosway Group

David Ossip

Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Ceridian

David Lloyd

Chief Data Officer,Ceridian

Chris Armstrong

Chief Customer Officer,Ceridian

Leagh Turner

President and Chief Operating Officer, Ceridian

Jason Gurgal

Global Head of Solution Advisory, Ceridian

David Ayling Smith

VP Services EMEA, Ceridian

Sarah Kerr

Senior Director EMEA Services, Ceridian

Sunila Jethwa

Vice President Global Operations, Ceridian

Paul Karnowski

Director, Solution Advisory, EMEA, Ceridian

Peter Taylor

Global Head of PMO,

Wendy Muirhead

Vice President of Ceridian Europe, Ceridian

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